BUILD Initiative
Communications strategy, video, web design and organizational development

See3's work with the BUILD Initiative spans organizational development, strategy, web design and video.

“At BUILD, we want to help people understand the value and importance of systems building whether you call it that or not,” said Susan Hibbard, the Executive Director of the BUILD Initiative. “But because our work is so complex, we needed help translating it into our communications.” BUILD was also facing challenges balancing organizational priorities, and needed support to make sure they were utilizing staff and resources efficiently.

Starting in 2014, See3 began partnering with BUILD on their video strategy. We produced a short explainer video translating BUILD’s complex mission into a short motion graphics piece. One BUILD consultant said, “I showed this to my mom and after many years of me working on early childhood systems development, she finally understands what I do for a living!” - a small win that shows just how powerful good storytelling can be. BUILD has been able to use this video to introduce the organization to potential state partners and funders.

See3 has also worked with BUILD on their communications strategy, producing a content strategy that helped BUILD identify and target its priority audiences. This content strategy has allowed BUILD to focus on communications’ priorities, ensuring that their investments in time and resources are directed towards the people who are critical to moving the organization’s mission forward.

We are helping Susan think critically about the organization’s structure to ensure they are positioned for continued growth. Through this work, we are identifying roles and responsibilities, developing an updated organizational chart, and developing systems of accountability.

“See3 has helped BUILD create clarity and momentum on our communications strategy, and the organizational development work has helped me ensure that we will be structured for growth.” We hope to continue our partnership with BUILD for years to come.