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Feb 16
by Michael Hoffman
After yet another school shooting, it's important to use your platform to make positive change.
Feb 9
by Michael Hoffman
How Edelman's 2018 Trust Barometer can help you build trust with your constituents
Feb 2
by Michael Hoffman
Rather than overthinking everything when it comes to digital, start doing! All it takes are some small, regular steps on your end to increase engagement, fundraising, and retention.
Jan 26
by Michael Hoffman
How to up your donor retention game by plugging the leaks that lose donors
Jan 19
by Michael Hoffman
In a digital age full of distractions, don’t forget the power of real relationships and human touch.
Jan 12
by Michael Hoffman
As our online life constantly gets the run-around from technology's ever-increasing changes, we as organizations need to remember to remain focused.