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The Leaders in Online Video for Nonprofits and Causes

A while back, See3 was founded on the notion that better communication through sight, sound and motion would result in success for nonprofits and causes. Fast forward to right now:  nonprofits are using video to show their most vital work and tell compelling stories. Simply put, video has become the most important media for today’s cause communication.


Every day, we’re creating breakthrough video for nonprofits and helping these clients to get their most moving stories out in new and beautiful ways. 


Our video creates impact because we have a seasoned creative team and a tested production process, but also because we think strategically about every video project that our clients bring to us. We don’t just create videos; we create video experiences that fit in with larger communications strategies and campaigns.


See our work, talk to a member of our video team and find out how we’ll put your story into motion.

Helping nonprofits to find the real, authentic stories that make people sit up and take notice and designing smart strategies to make these stories come to life through sight, sound, and motion.
We combine the art of effective storytelling with the science of state of the art production techniques. Combined with a solid production process honed over many years, our video team delivers consistent results every time.
Our award winning video creative, combined with thoughtful planning results in real action on the part of viewers.