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Tips and Tricks

Video is an essential communications tool for nonprofits and other cause advocates. Into Focus (link to is the first ever benchmark report and video guide to examine how and what nonprofits are doing with video and to begin to identify best practices. Every year, See3 produces hundreds of videos for a wide range of nonprofits, and we want to share some tips, tricks, and other insights from our team to yours. To help make Into Focus more practical, we’ve created these short videos. Watch them, think about how the might apply to your next video initiative, and share them with your peers.


Build Your Subscriber List!

YouTube is a social network in its own right and viewers expect to see new content from the channels they subscribe to. How will your organization engage an audience of potential supporters, volunteers, and activists? In the long run, how do you build that audience and get them to subscribe to your YouTube Channel? Watch this video for tips and insights to get you started. 


Want More Views? Make Your Video Findable! 

Every minute, over 72 hour of video is uploaded to YouTube. That's a lot of content and clutter. How can you stand out? Start by making your video as easy as possible for viewers to find in YouTube search.  Watch this quick video and use these tips to make your video "findable" today. 



What is the YouTube Nonprofit Program?

Are you a Nonprofit Organization with 501 (c)(3) status? Are you using video to promote your cause and attract donors? If you answered ‘Yes’ to both of these questions, then the YouTube Nonprofit Program was created especially for you. Watch this short video to learn more about the program, why you should sign up (spoiler alert: cool free stuff), and how to get started. 



Annotations & Call-to-Action Overlays

Want to drive more action - like clicks - directly within your videos? YouTube has two great features that you can use to raise donations, drive viewers to a petition or a website, enlist volunteers, and promote a fundraising event. Watch this video and learn more about them. 



Use Google Wallet to Collect Donations

Though the YouTube Nonprofit Program, you can use Google's great "Wallet" feature to allow viewers to make donations to your organization directly on your YouTube channel. Check out this video to learn more about it and how it can help you start fundraising on your channel today! 



Keep It Simple!

We have a mantra we're fond of: keep it simple. Most of the time, the best video stories are those that make complex ideas as simple to understand as possible. Watch this short video for your some thought starters on keeping your next video simple and easy for viewers to understand. 




It's About People

Viewers lean forward and pay attention to the video stories of people, not programs. Good narrative is about your impact in the world and how your viewer fits into it, not self-congratulating your organization's brand. Watch this quick video and start thinking about how you can make the viewer the hero in your next video story. 



Planning! Planning! Planning!

Like with most things in life, a well thought-out plan will result in a great outcome. That's especially true in video production.  Planning the "soup to nuts" process for your video is necessary before you even think about picking up that camera. Watch this quick video to learn what to start planning for.



Make It Authentic

Are you keeping it real with video? Authenticity - the real human moments that come through in your story - is what creates connections with viewers. All the high-end production and clever conceits in the world don't stack up to one clear, authentic story told well on video. Watch this video and learn more about making your video authentic. 



Tell Your Viewers What to Do!

Your video is only as successful as the number of people who watch it and take action. Make sure you're making a clear, unmistakable call to action to drive your viewer to do something for your mission with every video. 




Follow the Frog

Used efficiently and effectively, video can be an incredibly powerful tool in getting you from awareness to action. Rainforest Alliance's "Follow the Frog" shows us how one well produced video can educate the public and drive them to adopt new behaviors on a grand scale. This video was created by Wander.



Rachel's Wish

Not every video needs to solicit funds directly. It’s fine for your video goal to be showing existing donors that their investment in a program was money well spent. Use video to cultivate your existing donor relationships. Show donors their support makes a difference. People support causes when they believe their individual contribution matters.



Thank You from The Nature Conservancy

A well-executed thank you video is a simple and effective way to tell your supporters you are grateful for their support. And often – to get more donations. Remember that fundraising is a cycle, acknowledgement and stewardship is part of that cycle, and video is a valuable for both.



Want to Change the World? 

Pull back the curtain on your work and show constituents what you are accomplishing  over time. Meaningful content with accessible promts for simple actions will both increase membership and intensify member appreciation for your cause.



This is Who We Are

Use video to show the critical need for the change you want and provide the tools that empower people to join you in making that that change happen. An inspiring video engages people emotionally in your cause and converts that connection into action.



Just a Little Heart Attack

If you want your organization to thrive in the age of mobile media and video proliferation, integrate your videos into a well-defined, integrated plan for your organization’s communications.